Photos Of Senegal President’s Son Is Trending

Amadou Sall, son of President Macky Sall has been trending on Senegal social media ever since he made appearance at the inauguration of Blaise Diagne International Airport last Wednesday. Kinda mean because he's  a big guy.
See some reactions below;
Shofowora Hollamilekan Mykel 😂😂😂…this is a bag of rice o,commissioner of stomach.. ..senegalese,am perfectly sure that people of Senegal are lean bcos this guy is consuming everything that belongs to them.
Samantha Florence I’m crushing already! I love fat guys esp the ones with fat tummy looking like soaked bread. Please, help me get his contact.. thank God I’m Slim, I can ride u well niqqa
Harris De Paris How can someone just allow his tummy to get fat like this?…with all his money etc,,can’t he go for work up?….haba….this one na still one girl boyfriend….
Charles Emeka Sulaiman Jatta It is hard to believe that he is only 24 years old. With these size of him, he looks like early to middle 40’s. Despite the fact that his dad,president macky sall is 56 years old and looks his age. When you compare him with his son pictured amadou sall, you will think that he is the presidents younger brother and one will think that it is only 9 to 10 years gap between them. Even though it is 32 years gap between him and his father. It is very sad and it is all to be blame on this young mans weight. Indeed, obesity is not just an illness, but a disease.
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